12 Ways to Lose Your Mind This Christmas—#9

I know I promised 12 Ways to Lose Your Mind this Christmas Season over 12 days, but it seriously was a much more daunting task than I anticipated. I just can’t seem to get myself together, I just can’t seem to figure out which end is up while trying to prepare for Christmas next week. Mostly because of Way #9. If you really want to stress out this holiday season,

#9. Continue on with your regular life. Yup, that’s right. Didn’t you know? Life still goes on during the holiday season. Kids need to get to basketball practice, hubby needs to go to the dentist, you need to go to work (wouldn’t it be nice to have the month of December off to get your $hit together???). Dinners need to be made, dinners need to be cleaned up, grocery shopping needs to happen. Bathrooms need to be cleaned, laundry needs to be done, etc., etc., etc. On top of all the stress of the rapidly approaching holiday…YOU STILL NEED TO DO ALL THE STUFF YOU WERE DOING BEFORE! This means less sleep, crappier meals, more caffeine, and a much crankier you.

And never mind the regular life that you have to hold together—at this time of year, you’re more likely to have a monkey wrench thrown in the works than any other time of year. It’s inevitable that someone in the house will get a stomach bug, strep throat, or the flu. You’ll have to replace the living room rug at midnight on the eve of Christmas Eve because you have a houseful of people coming the next day and there’s puke embedded in the fibers. You’ll need to call the a hvac guy the next day because your heat died. Your kid’s pants for their Christmas concert will be too tight and you’ll have to run out at zero hour to get a new pair, or subject yourself to the passive aggressive whisperings of the PTO moms behind you about how you’re a bad mom. It’ll snow and you will discover your kids outgrew their boots, there’s a rip in one of their coats, and each of them only has one glove. Your youngest child will fall off a ladder while trying to sneak a peak at the gifts hidden on top of your closet and break his arm. You will forget to pay the electric bill and the lights you spent so long stringing will go out. Your basement will flood from a piece of lint stuck in your laundry slop sink. Your dog will eat a tennis ball and you’ll have to run to the emergency vet. Your cat will eat mistletoe and puke it up all over your bed.

MAKE IT STOP!!!!! You should be, at the very least, granted a pass from crappy things happening to you during the Christmas season. How are you supposed to spread cheer when you spill your morning coffee on your lap and ruin your new shirt? How are you supposed to spread good will toward your fellow man when your breaks are squeaking? How are you supposed to enjoy the season when it’s go, go, go from the moment you get up to the time you go to bed? Well, you’re not. What you’re supposed to do is…STOP. Take a breath. No, not that way…a real breath. Let yourself have a good cry. Have your nervous breakdown and then wipe the tears away. Christmas will happen whether you do it all or not. Lower your expectations of yourself—-no, I’m not kidding. Allow yourself to actually enjoy it. Skip the gym, order takeout, watch a Christmas movie, take a mental health day from work…whatever it is you need to do to get through the day. It’s what I’ve vowed to do this last week before Christmas. I’m accepting I can’t do it all and the only person it usually matters to is…me. So what I’m going to do when the stress of everyday life combined with one hell of a holiday season gets under my skin is relax. I’m not taking anything seriously anymore. Christmas will come whether I stress out about it or not, and it’s a hell of a lot more enjoyable when I don’t stress.

I’m going to go off to yoga now and just chill in Savasana. You can join me if you want. Just someone remember to wake me up January 2nd.


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