Book Club

Good idea!

M is for Music

A few weeks ago I joined a book club, Its an all women’s book a club and maybe that was my first mistake. already I’m bored to death, and I want to tell most of these women to go fuck themselves and I want to do it with flair. Women in groups cannot be trusted, in fact groups of anything cannot be trusted; cats, geese, men; cupcakes.

My second problem with the book group besides cattiness, is God, all they want talk about is BOOKS, go figure. Oh and can we please play ANOTHER word association game? Pass the spoon Becky, I totally wanna gag. Thank Jesus most book clubs have a drinking problem.

Anyway, why am I bringing up books on a music blog? Because it gave me an idea; Album Club. Album Club! Instead of reading books we listen to albums. Maybe you don’t have time to read…

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