A Little Baileys in the Coffee Makes the Medicine Go Down

I’m starting to hate my house. No, that’s wrong…I’m starting to hate being TRAPPED in my house. This is the fifth snow day and I’m slowly starting to unravel. At least I think it’s the fifth…I put Baileys in my coffee so I’m not quite sure. It’s no secret I’m not a winter fan, per Se, but this is winter hopped up on steroids. It reminds me of the winter of the year I graduated high school. It seemed like the phone rang every other morning telling us not to bother to come in. I remember being excited the first couple times at the prospect of a snow day, but then, excitement turned to tears as I just wanted to get it over with!
I’m starting to feel like that again. Every time that ominous school announcement number flashes on the phone, I start to shake. I actually want to go to work. I WANT to get it over with. I feel like we’ve been stuck at the half way point of the year for decades now. Our spring break is getting wiped out one day at a time and there’s another storm looming on the horizon. True, I have a ton of editing and rewriting to do as I hope to have a book coming out in two weeks, but I don’t even want to do it. I have piles of laundry I should do before we lose power from the ice storm, but ehhh, that doesn’t sound fun. I am sooooo unmotivated right now. As you can probably tell from this crappy blog that is merely a diversion so I don’t have to do what I’m supposed to be doing.
And the kids. Oh my God. They were cheering the first couple of days, overjoyed to play in the snow. But not now. They’ve had enough of playing in the snow, shoveling the snow and sleeping in. They’ve watched every movie and played video games for seven hundred and fifty two hours straight. They have the energy of caterpillars in cocoons. I guess that’s good. At least they’re not fighting. They’re just staring at me. Right this minute. Like I can magically make something entertaining happen for them. I told them to clean their rooms. They chuckled at me and went to forage in the cabinets for food.
We are all eating too much out of boredom. I made cookies the other day…correction, I made cookie dough the other day. We all ate it before it made it to the oven to bake. I guess I could make a healthy meal for us to eat. Nah. There’s frozen pizza in there.
I’m just going to make more coffee. Here’s a tip for all you moms (and dads) trapped home with bored kids. Put Baileys in the coffee. And dream about palm trees and Sandy beaches. They’ll be here soon enough. Right? Somebody please tell me there is an end to all this cold and snow in sight!!!!

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