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Do you feel like a bad mom? I do, almost Every. Single. Day. Who am I?  I’m a mother, a wife, a nurse, and now, I’m an author, too…it’s the perfect cocktail for a nervous breakdown. But that’s not all…there’s more to me as there is more to you.

I’ve always been an avid reader, sneaking books into my bed, reading with a flashlight past my bedtime as a child. I have had a hearing impairment my whole life, so I experienced the world differently, sometimes feeling completely out of place because I couldn’t follow conversations, quite often missing the joke (which was sometimes me). Only very close friends knew about my disability…I struggled to keep it a secret from the other kids because who wants to be that kid that everyone can make fun of for being different? When I read, I didn’t miss a word; not one syllable escaped my grasp and I could understand everything without the struggle I faced everyday. Reading became my world and as I got older, I decided that I wanted to create a perfect world by writing my own novels. But as any person who has struggled with confidence can tell you, putting yourself out there is so daunting that it can be crippling. I abandoned my dreams to do everything else I “had to” do first…go to college, get a job, get married, have kids. I did it all by the book, yet something was missing.

It took me until I was in my mid-thirties to dare to live out my dream and publish my first novel, “All She Ever Wanted”. The response from readers was more than I ever could have hoped for, ultimately encouraging me to keep on writing.  Yeah, sometimes I feel like I’m putting myself ahead of everything else, but then I remember all those years that I put the rest of it ahead of ME. So I may be a “bad mommy”, but it’s with a purpose in mind.

Now, five years later, I write my novels to keep the creativity from bubbling over, I read to escape reality (Be my Friend on Goodreads), and I blog to keep my sanity. You’re in the right place, because my favorite thing is to share all of it with you, my readers. I’m here to make you laugh, cry, and just enjoy life for awhile. So feel free to click around on my website under blogs, my reviews, and novels. Sit back and enjoy and remember, don’t take it too seriously. In every good mommy, there’s a bad mommy struggling to get out. Or a good mommy who really needs a drink.  If you enjoy the blog, I’d love for you to share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…email even at badmommy15@outlook.com.



  1. I just finished reading your book “7 Deadly Sins”, and I found your blog site in the back pages. I just wanted to say thanks. I enjoy reading fantasy and cozy mysteries. I found your story to brighten my whole day. I am a senior citizen with chronic pain issues which keep me indoors and isolated from everyone. Your book kept me laughing from page one. I can’t afford the price of books, so usually only get the free books offered from Kindle. Now that I found your blog site, I will be a regular reader.

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