Colt for President

Let me preface this blog post by saying I’m not a political person at all. I don’t really like to watch the news or read newspapers (in person or online) because it’s mostly depressing. It’s a scary world we live in and I prefer to exist in my sheltered little clam-shell. Yeah, I realize some people will berate me for such backassward, unenlightened thinking, but that’s okay. It helps me to sleep at night, not being in constant stress about the state of the world.

With the Presidential election coming up, I did watch some of the debates, both Republican and Democratic, mostly for entertainment purposes. They were not informative in the least, other than to confirm what I had already suspected…we’re in deep doo doo, America. I don’t particularly like either of our choices for President—I liken my choice to the year the Yankees and Phillies were in the World Series…I was hoping for food poisoning to overtake both teams or their buses to crash into each other. I’ve been trying to ignore my Facebook friends that vehemently support one candidate or another, even going so far as to hide posts. Neither of the candidates are pictures of morality, nor are either of them really the most qualified out there. There are many people who got chopped down in this race way too soon simply because they weren’t part of the three ring circus that this has become.

I haven’t decided how I’m going to vote really. It’s not about emails or tax returns to me, although that’s all pretty disturbing. It’s about issues that are important to me and my family.  I am leaning more one way than the other, some issues more important than others. But I will tell you what’s NOT going to fuel my vote. The fact Hillary is a woman. I’m been scrolling down Facebook the past few days and it’s becoming overwhelming. There’s this blog that I subscribe to, a blog that’s supposed to be about parenting, but it has turned completely political. I’m not saying that political issues aren’t important to parenting, but we all know, that’s not what this race has become. On this blog, there are guest bloggers DAILY touting the historical importance of Hillary as the Presidential nominee. Women gushing about how their daughters can be proud to see a strong female role model and know they can do anything. The #imwithher hashtag that shouts feminism. I’ve kept quiet for months, but I can’t take it anymore.

Dear women, the fact that a candidate’s gender is actually important to you is the reason men didn’t want us to vote to begin with. Can’t you see that by declaring the fact she has a uterus as a reason to vote for her is just as sexist as what you claim to be fighting against? If we want people to see past gender, past race, past sexuality, then we need to stop pointing it out. If race and gender doesn’t matter in the long run, STOP MAKING IT MATTER. Honestly, I wouldn’t care if a transgendered German Shepherd was running the White House as long as they were the most qualified candidate, as long as they were representing what people in this country need and want. That’s the candidate I want for President. That’s what I want my daughter to see…not just, hey a girl can be President! No $hit Sherlock. When I was growing up, I never doubted for a second that I could be President—I didn’t think there was anything I couldn’t do except be a boy (which apparently now I can make happen with the right insurance plan). But just because a girl can do something, should she? Should a woman be a firefighter if she can’t perform up to the standard of her male counterparts? If she can, more power to her…I’d support her 100%. But we have to stop lowering the standards to prove to our daughters that they can be anything. We need to raise the bar…give them something to aspire to if we want to empower them.

If you go into the voting booth on November 8th and vote for the woman candidate, that’s fine with me. But be sure that you’re voting for her because she represents what’s important to you and your family, not because she wears a bra. If not…wait. Wait for the female candidate that does represent what you want in the President. It doesn’t have to be Hillary. Something as important as a Presidential election shouldn’t be based on what gender box someone can check off on a form…it needs to be based on merit. We don’t have to “make history”…history should just “happen”. Which makes me want that German Shepherd to run even more. Colt for President anyone?

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