Excerpt from “Amy Maxwell & the 7 Deadly Sins”

He slides his muscular arm over my shoulder, pulling me closer to his body. I feel the heat radiating off of him, my pulse speeding up to match his. Sweat is beading on my forehead as a result of the warmth of his body and the small space in which we are occupying. I am instantly wary. I cautiously sniff underneath my left arm pit. Nope. No smell. I sigh with relief. I am calm, cool, and collected. I feel safe. I just know he will keep me safe. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my life.

“Okay, when the suspect enters our visual field, keep calm. We are just going to watch for now. Have your weapon trained on him, but don’t shoot.” His soft lips press against my ear as he murmurs to me, his breath tickling my skin while he reiterates. “I repeat, do NOT shoot.”

I nod with acknowledgement of his instructions. He is my senior officer, my commander in chief. I do whatever he tells me to do.

“Here he is!” he whispers animatedly in my ear, his words causing my neck to prickle with excitement. My first stake-out! I can hardly believe it! I hold my gun and attempt to keep my hand steady.

“Follow my lead. Don’t do anything unless I tell you to.”

Still crouched down, he creeps closer to the edge, his Glock semi-automatic perched on the ledge of the window. I follow suit, leaning my weapon next to his.

He seems startled by my move and stares at me, but a smile quickly creeps onto his face, causing my heart to flutter. That smile melts me every time. He removes one hand from his Glock and places it over mine, squeezing my trembling fingers. “Don’t be nervous,” he tells me in a gentle voice. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“I know. You never let anything happen to me…”

“That’s right,” he says proudly. “Remember in the cabin that night? I kept you safe. I saved you and Allie.”

“Well, it was actually Sean that saved us.” I bite my lip. I can’t believe I just said that.

But Jason doesn’t have time to react to my statement. Instead, his head whips around as the suspect is now approaching the area where we are hiding. He leaps to his feet; his weapon clenched in his hands as splintering gun fire suddenly erupts all around us. Jason recoils as he is hit in the right shoulder, dropping his gun as blood instantly oozes from the gaping wound.

“Fire, Amy! Fire your weapon!” he screams at me as he grabs at his shoulder.

I lift my gun; my eye trained on the suspect as my finger grips the trigger. I am shaking but I know I need to do this-

“Amy! Do I have any clean pants?”

I am rattled from my scintillating dream by Roger shaking my body. He is standing over the bed, stark naked with what’s left of his hair dripping onto my pillow. And I mean the hair on his head for all you sickos out there.

“Huh? What?” I ask, groggy from being unceremoniously awaken at such a God awful hour. I rub my bleary eyes and strain to read the angry red numbers on the clock on my nightstand. They are dancing around, taunting me to dare to read them.

Shit. I can’t see! Where are my glasses? I begin to feel around blindly, searching for the reading glasses I swear I placed there last night.

“My pants! I need khakis for today!” Roger is hopping up and down as he does when he is agitated. I reach across the bed to bring the clock closer to my face and nearly puke as I read the glowing red numbers. 6:45. Oh crap! I’m late!

I leap from the bed, nearly knocking my husband over in the process. My body slams into his fleshy middle, his semi erect…uh, you know… poking me in the left boob.

“Jesus Christ, Roger! Put on some pants!” I yelp, rubbing my offended breast as if he has stabbed me through the heart. Doesn’t that thing ever take a break?


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