Falling When the Bough Breaks

What does it mean when you lose your only child? Are you still a mother? Can you go on with your life as if the child never existed or will you always be missing that piece, unable to love another child the way you once loved your child?
This is not a hypothetical situation for Andrea Pringle. It’s her unfortunate reality and she is torn between love for her dead son and her desire to be a family after the birth of her daughter. She cannot seem to bond with the new baby, feeling an overwhelming amount of resentment for the simple fact that she is alive and her brother is not. No one understands her pain and Andrea feels that she is completely alone, Falling When the Bough Breaks.

Im taking a break from comedy as my newest novel explores the complexities of motherhood and postpartum depression after loss of a child. Check it out on Kindle.

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