Pay It Forward

About 6 months ago I was invited into a group on Facebook for “Chick Lit” Writers. Now, my book genres range the gamut from dark and psychological to cheery and humorous, so while I didn’t feel like I necessary fit the “Chick Lit” mold, I joined anyway. Heck, I READ Chick Lit sometimes so why not?
It was the single best decision of my entire book writing career. The ladies (and a couple of guys, too) in this group are not only the MOST helpful individuals I have ever not met in real life, they are wonderful human beings as well. I have learned more about writing, marketing, and promoting in these past few months than I ever could have hoped to glean on my own. My book sales have been through the roof and I really feel if I had not met these ladies (and guys) I would not be anywhere near as successful as I’ve been. The amazing thing about writers is how much they support each other. I think it’s because it’s not as cutthroat competitive as one might think; just because someone else is a great writer, it doesn’t take away from your talent and success. That’s why I love my fellow writers…they are really here to help me.
So last week one of the members of the group, Bethany Turner ( posted that she spent a week promoting only OTHER authors and not participating in any self promotion. She said it felt awesome.
Well February has been a crappy month for me on the personal front…a lot of depressing events and pretty $hitty aftermath. I desperately want to feel awesome. But ironically, book sales have been great (probably due to the great ideas and advice I get from this group). I want to turn the page on my calendar to March and erase the memory of February. What better way than to Pay it Forward? I decided that the first week of March I would spend promoting other authors on my blog, Facebook page and Twitter. Each day I will feature a different author. No self promotion will be allowed. (I’m looking to feel awesome…I assume that’s not self promotion). I’m hoping you guys will check out the works of these amazing fellow authors and be turned on to their writing.

Monday: Whitney Dineen
Tuesday: Celia Kennedy
Wednesday: Monique McDonell
Thursday: Sky Greene
Friday: Maggie Le Page
Saturday: Isabella Louise Anderson
Sunday: Christine Ardigo

Monday: Tracy Krimmer

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  1. I love this, Heather! You will love it, and you will move forward with new perspective. I can almost guarantee it. And you say you got the idea from me…well, others are going to get it from you. So you’re not only paying forward the promotion of others, you’re paying forward a generous and kind spirit – and that’s something the world can always use more of. 🙂 Have fun!

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