The Bad Mommy Eats OC—Ropewalk

We’ve passed by Ropewalk several times a day on our many travels to OC, but we’ve never stopped in until now. It’s pushed back far from the main drag and I wasn’t sure what kind of food they would serve. (Yeah, I know, checking out the menu online would have helped with that…)

We stopped in on a sunny and unseasonably warm Friday afternoon in October and were seated right on the water (the bayside). I’m telling you, the bayside doesn’t get enough credit…some of these views are phenomenal.



Okay, so maybe this view complete with ketchup and mustard bottles doesn’t do it justice, but believe me when I say this was relaxing scenery. I wanted to stay here all day.

The menu was extensive—much of the “Expected” fare like steam pots and handhelds, along with some twists on the usual including lobster pot pie, smoked shark bites and fried green tomatoes. There is also an Oyster Shooters menu if you like that sort of thing (I do not).

Since it was off season and the restaurant was practically empty, we were served VERY quickly…a little too quickly for my tastes since we were soaking in the serene view. Our appetizer and drinks came out within ten minutes:


This was the Ropewalk’s version of bang bang shrimp, called Bada Bing Shrimp (Sopranos!). They also brought us out our own really totes adorbs mini pitchers of water in case the Bada bing spice made us thirsty:


It was quite warm, even on the water, so I drank that entire pitcher—my bladder thanked me later, I assure you. I, of course, also had a Ropewalk mule (or two) and it was delightful. Hubs got a John Paul Jones (kind of like an Old Fashioned) and he even shared his cherry with me…what a gentleman.

Within minutes of downing the Bada bing shrimp, our meals came out. Hubs got day boat scallops over Orzo (if it’s on the menu, you can bet one of us will get the day boat scallops):


They looked great and apparently tasted great as well with fresh ingredients. That was a concern when we came off season…how fresh are the ingredients? Ropewalk certainly did not disappoint. I got a pulled pork tacos. Yeah, I know, I eat too much pulled pork. But they were so good, who can blame me?



We had no room for dessert (just room for another drink to relax in the sunshine). Beautiful view + Delicious food= One Happy Bad Mommy.

Food: 8 out of 10 forks

Atmosphere: 9 out of 10 forks

View: 9 out 10 forks

Value: 7 out of 10 forks (it was a little on the expensive side)

*Side note: There was no kid’s menu that I could see. I was also too busy drinking up the view to ask. Sorry 🙁  They DO have a playground outside though, so I’m assuming there’s something for the kids.

Oh and here’s a great view of the sun set over the bay:


Can you see now why I love it so much?

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