The Bad Mommy Eats OC—The Big Easy on 60

We’ve passed this restaurant a million times on our visits to Ocean City (mostly on our way to the Walmart in Berlin—it always seems like we forgot to bring something). I kept mentioning it to Hubby that I really wanted to eat there because it looked like a fun and hip place. Okay, maybe I’m not up on what’s “hip”, but the cool staircase in the front and the open patio caught my eye—kind of “Antebellum-ish”. Hubby ignored my demands until our most recent trip. He was tired of “the same old thing”, so I presented The Big Easy on 60 as an alternative to “the same old thing”.

This restaurant boasts a New Orleans flare 🎭…of course with a heavy emphasis on seafood. No matter, Hubby was up for it, and despite the fact it was a blazing hot day, he was even cool with sitting outside on the covered patio! I know, I was as shocked as you are. But he really couldn’t complain. The breeze was perfect, the music was playing, and the overhead fans were circling—the patio was really relaxing. I felt like I could take nap there, especially since I had just whooped Hubby and Little Miss’s butts in mini-golf. 🥇

And even better, it was “Happy Hour” with $5 Apps. Of course the drinks we got weren’t included in “Happy Hour” (they never are…we seem to have expensive drink tastes). I got some kind of Mardi Gras Mule and Hubby got a bourbon Smash. I forgot the actual names and apparently I can’t pull up the cocktail menu online, so here are some pictures:

We decided to get the Mardi Gras tots with a chipotle dipping sauce to take advantage of the $5 Apps, though.


Crab, bacon, and tots rolled up into a tasty ball. Not what we were expecting at all, but still delicious.

It was a little bit disappointing that they said only lunch was available (it was about 3:00 in the afternoon)—I had wanted to try the shrimp and grits on the dinner menu and Hubs wanted the Jambalya. Neither were available on the lunch menu. 😢Hubby and I both settled on the Shrimp Po’Boy sandwich instead:


It was nice and crispy and very filling, but we agreed that it was on the salty side and there was not enough sauce on it. While it was still good, we’ve had better, so that was kind of disappointing especially since we had been looking forward to something else altogether.

Little Miss went in a different direction with steamed clams and shrimp:

This is my psycho child putting Tabasco sauce in the clam shell and shaking it up before eating:


😱 Yikes. I wouldn’t even eat clams, let alone put Tabasco sauce on them.

All in all it was a decent meal, if only a bit disappointing. I would really like to come back during dinner time and get my shrimp and grits (and Hubby can get the Jambalaya). Just as long as it’s a relaxing meal on the patio, we can’t go wrong, right?

Atmosphere: 9 🍴out 10. Did I mention how relaxed it was?🧘🏻‍♀️

View: 5 🍴out of 10. Pretty much a view of the street.😩

Food: 6 🍴out of 10. Drinks were 9 out of 10. My mule was really fantastic.

Value: 9 🍴out of 10. Got a lot for your buck—and don’t forget, it was Happy Hour, too.

Overall: 7 🍴out of 10—I’d go back and try the dinner menu.

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