The Bad Mommy Eats OC—The Lobster Shanty

Our first restaurant, The Lobster Shanty is not actually IN Ocean City. But Heather! You promised us OC Eats! Calm down, put the pitchforks away! It’s on Fenwick Island, only a few miles into Delaware—which is great, no sales tax! When we came down to OC in June, looking for a place to buy, we stopped here before meeting our fabulous realtors Rhonda and Bethany Frick. It was early June—the shoulder season—so there were a lot of specials to be had, resulting in a very tasty, yet cheap meal. If there’s anything the hubs likes more than good food, it’s CHEAP, good food. So we thought it would be appropriate to return to the same spot for lunch on the day of our closing. Once again, October is also the shoulder season (but a lot of restaurants are still open down in OC), so we were expecting another pretty reasonably priced meal. When you enter The Lobster Shanty, you immediately notice it’s definitely got a nautical theme going on (as many OC places do). It was also decorated for Halloween, which was nice, and it wasn’t deserted at all as we expected. There were quite a few patrons that day. It was a very unseasonably warm weekend in late October, so that may have had something to do with it.

We were shown to our seats which was ironically, the same table we sat at when we started off on this whole scary buying a beach house condo in a beach community journey. I can’t tell you that we were any less nerve wracked this time, if anything, more so. As hubby fumbled with the lid on his blood pressure pills, we ordered a pitcher of sangria and admired the relaxing view that spread before us. Now before we decided to look for a beach condo (there you go…we both win), I wanted beach, beach, beach. To me, that meant ocean, ocean, ocean. Well, what we discovered in our search is that Ocean City is so much more than just the ocean front. The bay can be breathtakingly beautiful (especially at sunset) and very relaxing. This was our view at lunch:

Let me tell you, both the view and the pitcher of sangria do A LOT to calm nerves. The sangria was REALLY delicious and flavorful and I am a sangria SNOB. I make pretty kick ass sangria myself so I am really picky about sangria when I go out. I find that it is mostly watered down way more than I would like. Not The Lobster Shanty’s sangria however. Not only was it very flavorful, the waitress told us there were “4 or 5 glasses” in a pitcher. There were easily TEN. I started to worry as we drank if we would be allowed to sign the documents to buy the condo if we were drunk. Like what would happen if we stumbled in there mumbling about signing papers? Would they shove cups of bad office coffee at us and make us come back later to dry out? It ended up being an unfounded worry—we couldn’t even finish the whole pitcher between us.

Moving on to the food—not everyone is a lush who loves their sangria after all. Hubby got the special, surf and turf for $24, which is pretty reasonable. It was $10 cheaper than normal. He liked it, especially the garlic mashed potatoes and the garlic lemon butter—he’s a sucker for all things garlic (definitely not a vampire) but didn’t say it was AMAZING or anything. He was probably too stressed to actually taste the food, though, because it’s a pretty nice presentation: img_5051

I got the crab and lobster thermidor. I’ve never had a “thermidor” before, so I wasn’t sure what it was. The waitress explained it was lump crab meat and lobster in a sherry sauce with dijon, cream, parmesean, mushrooms and shallots. It has a breading topping and is baked. She also said it was really big and I might not be able to finish it—she doesn’t know me well, obviously:


There must have been a special on asparagus or something. Don’t get me wrong, I love asparagus—but once you eat it and have to use a public bathroom, EVERYONE knows you love asparagus. My crab and lobster thermidor was very tasty—a little heavy, but easy to finish. My garlic mashed potatoes had no flavor, however (hubby tasted them and agreed they were not the same as his at all), but since they weren’t the star of the dish, it didn’t really matter. All that mattered is we left The Lobster Shanty much more relaxed and fattened up. Below is my rating, based on the top things I’m looking for in an OC restaurant:

Food: 8 out of 10 forks (the drinks were 10 out of 10)

Value: 7 out of 10

Atmosphere: 8 out of 10

View: 8 out 10 forks

*Side note: There IS a kid’s menu and the atmosphere is kid friendly as well.

So don’t hesitate to travel into Fenwick Island, Delaware if you’re looking for some fresh and tasty seafood options. The Lobster Shanty will not disappoint!

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