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Hey guys! Great News! Hubby and I just fulfilled one of our life-long dreams…no, we didn’t quit our jobs and move to a Caribbean island to spend the days with our toes in the sand. (I wish!) But it’s a close second—we brought a beach house in Ocean City! Ocean City, Maryland…not New Jersey. Ocean City, New Jersey is a DRY town…shudder. Erm, excuse me, hubby is here to remind me it is NOT a beach house—it is a CONDO in a beach community (It’s block from the beach, which is a heck of a lot closer to the beach than the house we actually live in—I’ll call it a beach house if I want.) Buying this “condo” means that we will be eating rice and beans till the end of time and our kids will have to wear clothes from Goodwill, but damn it, we will have a place to relax at the beach. A getaway not so far from home.

So anyway, we bought this beach house  condo in a beach community not only for us to enjoy, but to rent out as well (my hubby is secretly hoping to become a property tycoon). We went down this weekend to make sure the place is set up to rent and figured, we might as well enjoy our condo while we were there. Translation: we were there to eat, and eat we did. As we were eating one of many fabulous meals in Ocean City (oh, the rice and beans will only be at home), we got to thinking about how overwhelming it would be for someone to come down to this great beach community and see all the incredible places that there are to dine at…I mean, driving down the strip is CRAZY! There are all you can eat seafood places, crack your own crab joints, BBQ restaurants, fining dining, casual dining, ice cream parlors, pizza parlors…you name it, Ocean City has it. If you’re new to OC (and even if you’re a seasoned visitor), you may want to know, where’s the good eats?

Never fear, the Bad Mommy is here to save you. If there is anything hubby and I love to share (other than our condo that you can rent…I REALLY don’t want to eat rice and beans), it’s our love of good food. We would be appalled if you came down to our beloved beach COMMUNITY and ate bad pizza and didn’t check out some of the best that OC has to offer. Therefore, as a service to you, the novice OC eater, we offer you, The Bad Mommy Eats OC—an offshoot of my blog where we will post pictures and reviews of the places we’ve eaten so far. We will rate them based on three categories. The first is FOOD. This category will encompass the obvious—the food. Was it delicious, was it delivered to the table at the appropriate temperature, how was the menu, a lot of choices, or very limited? How were the cocktails? The second category we will rate on is ATMOSPHERE. This will include the décor, the view, the seating arrangements. A lot of these things add to the dining experience, especially when there are so many great eateries to chose from. The last category is VALUE. Sure the steak may be $49, but it may be the best steak I’ve ever tasted. Or conversely, the meal might have been cheap, but did it taste like dog food? A lot of factors go into value. I will also be including whether or not they have a kids’ menu. It’s not an issue for us any longer, but it wasn’t that long ago that we couldn’t go anywhere that didn’t serve chicken fingers. (Did you ever THINK about chicken fingers, by the way? Like, who thought to name them that? Have you ever actually seen chicken claws? They’re so gross.) Also, although it is very important to me, I’m not including wait time or staff attitudes in the ratings. A lot of these reviews will be done in the off season, so judging those categories would be difficult. Hopefully, the blog will serve to both inform and entertain you. So enjoy and bon appetit!

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