What’s on page 45?



What’s on page 45 of “The 8 Mistakes of Amy Maxwell”???

Well, it’s at this point in the story that Amy is finally getting to sit down after running around like a crazed maniac with a piñata after organizing her son’s sixth birthday party. As every mother knows, planning a party is a gigantic undertaking and you get no assistance from anyone. Not only were the kids messing up the place as she cleaned and prepped, she forgot to make the cake AND her husband opted for a crab catching reality show marathon with a few beers instead of helping her. To make matters worse, she just discovered a strange teenager in her backyard playing with her six year old. Being the protective mom she is, she marches him across the street by his ear. She is shocked to find out he’s actually been living there for months in the care of his grandmother and grandfather, Mary and Walter, neighbors she thought she knew. His father, Jason, is a widower and travels often for business. Turns out the teenager, Sean, is autistic and wandered out of his grandparents’ care.
While the neighbor’s story makes sense, Amy still thinks something is off. Why did they never mention a grandson living with them? Why did they never mention that they had a son? Amy had never seen any visitors, and now that she thought about it, she had never seen this “son”, Jason, either. She is instantly suspicious. Maybe he isn’t their grandson after all. Maybe they kidnapped him! (It is evident at this point of the story that our heroine has a bit of an overactive imagination).
So while Amy is relaxing after most of the party guests have left with a glass of wine and picking up the discarded wrapping paper, she is shocked to hear her perfect sister (the one who she will NEVER live up to in the eyes of her mother) mention the drug rings that are running rampant in the “seedy” neighborhood that Amy lives in.

I sit up, suddenly at attention. ‘What? Could that be why Mary was squirrely earlier? Maybe they didn’t kidnap Sean, but they are using him as a drug mule!’

Has Sean been kidnapped? Is he being used as a drug mule? Are Mary and Walter as innocent as they seem? And who is this mysterious Jason? Find out in “The 8 Mistakes of Amy Maxwell”:

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