When Did Valentine’s Day Come to This?

I have a complaint about Valentine’s Day. (I know, me with a complaint, imagine that, right?). I don’t actually have a problem with the day, although it does put unrealistic expectations on those in relationships and added stress. I think it’s nice to have a day to tell your significant other you love them, but it should be more about the acts of love rather than materialistic gifts. Oh and I think it sucks for people that are single and makes them eat more chocolate and ice cream than necessary.
Anyway, that’s not my problem with Valentine’s Day. My issue is with what the day has become.
My daughter made Valentine cards this year and the only reason she did is because on Monday when we went out to get the $4 box of Austin and Ali cards, they were wiped off the shelf. Really? Five days before valentine’s Day? So anyway, she had to make the cards which were cute and thoughtful. She comes home today with an overflowing bag of candy, puzzles, pencils and games that make her cards look like toilet paper. Uh, what??? Apparently, there was also heart lollipops and heart shaped cookies and cupcakes. I’ve apparently got to play “keeping up with the Joneses” on Valentine’s Day, too? Now while I’m not one to turn down a party, isn’t this holiday about ADULTS? Or at least teenagers crushing on each other? Since when is a day of celebrating your love about little children??? Like, why is it all of a sudden about kids and getting gifts for your kids and kids in school giving out insanely elaborate cards and gifts and trinkets??? Are they in love with each other? Forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t this about love? And being in love with someone? Or at least having affection for someone? If the kids are all giving each other cards and gifts and stuff, doesn’t that dismiss the true meaning? They all have to give each other cards if they bring any cards in so nobody feels bad. Doesn’t it make it less special and contribute to those kids having unrealistic expectations when they are actually in relationships with someone? (Specifically, the girls??) Now I don’t want kids to feel hurt because that sucks, but maybe if we don’t put emphasis on the day it wouldn’t be an issue.
Seriously I don’t mean to be a grinch about this, but isn’t it on par with expecting a gift bag for someone else’s birthday? I mean, Valentine’s Day is NOT about children, at least not my understanding of it. Everything I google about the origins of Valentine’s Day talks about celebrating ROMANTIC LOVE and LOVERS, not a holiday to tell the girl sitting next to you that you are BBFs or the kid in front of you that he’s okay and he doesn’t make you want to barf.
I’m not saying kids shouldn’t give out any cards or eat a piece of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. I’m saying maybe kids in the ten and under set shouldn’t be making a huge deal out of a day that really isn’t about them. They shouldn’t get caught up in it anyway. There’s plenty of time to be disillusioned about Valentine’s Day later on in life.

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