Chick Lit & YA

Charlie Webster had it all figured out at just sixteen years old. She was the popular girl, the cheerleader, the one with the great hair and the drool-worthy boyfriend. Smarter than your average Mean Girl, Charlie had a promising journalism internship waiting for her as well, despite only being a junior in high school. She had the life that any other girl would be jealous of.
But that was all before HE showed up. He was the Quiet Boy…the boy in the back of the class, his greasy untamed locks covering his mysterious dark eyes and his origins unknown. He was the one without friends, the one all the others avoided in the halls.
Not Charlie, though. Drawn to his mystery, he intrigued her. Despite her teacher and friends’ insisting she avoid him as well, the Quiet Boy’s friendship became a tantalizing challenge, one that she was willing to chase with no regards for consequences. Until the Quiet Boy and his secret nearly cost her everything.

What happens when your ex-husband shows up on your doorstep looking for a place to live, just when you’re about to get remarried? 28 year old, out of work editor/ writer Elizabeth is about to find out. Her annoying ex-husband, Simon has been “displaced” after forgetting to pay his rent and has nowhere to go. As much as she seethes at the sight of him, Elizabeth can’t turn her back on the man who was once the love of her life. After all, they were happily married for two years before “the incident” ripped them apart. There’s just one teensy problem. Elizabeth’s fiance, Austin, has no idea that she was previously married. Nor is he aware that Simon is bunking with his future bride. Elizabeth must keep the two away from each other until she is ready to come clean about her marriage and divorce. This proves exhausting in close quarters while planning a wedding. As Elizabeth and Austin prepare for their upcoming nuptials, it gets more and more difficult to hide the truth from Austin. Especially, when Elizabeth is starting to have doubts about what the truth really is.

Funny and charmingly awkward Kennedy Ryan is sixteen years old with a dominating (and gorgeous) best friend, a mother who won’t leave the house, and a crush on Carson, the mysterious new boy in town. Her life is totally normal…or so she keeps telling herself until her mother begins acting strangely, or at least more strangely than usual. When Kennedy stumbles upon a dead body hidden in the basement, she enlists Carson’s help to solve the mystery and it’s sayonara normalcy, and quite possibly goodbye to everything she knows.