Women's Fiction

Letters to My sister’s Shrink-UK version Letters to My Sister’s Shrink   Letters_To_My_Sister_Cover_for_Kindle Shannon Clayton is 35 year old woman with a troubled past. When she tries to kill herself on her wedding day, her fiancĂ© commits her to a mental hospital. Her psychiatrist is the best in her field, but Shannon will not speak to her. She will only communicate through letters. The doctor needs a new perspective on Shannon’s tormented soul, so she calls on Kathryn. Kathryn is Shannon’s twin sister who wants nothing to do with her. But she can’t turn her back on her sister because she is drawn to the letters Shannon has written for some inexplicable reason. What is it about Shannon that makes it impossible for Kathryn to ignore? It’s a secret they share that only the letters will reveal. All She Ever Wanted All She Ever Wanted-UK version all she ever wanted teaser Julie Hendricks is living a charmed life in the suburbs with the perfect career and the family she has always dreamt of. Enter Alex, the epitome of a tall, dark stranger. Julie is instantly drawn to her newest employee, despite the air of danger that surrounds him. Their scandalous affair has all the earmarks of a disaster, yet Julie does not realize just how devastating it might be. Alex harbors a secret that just may destroy Julie’s world. Will Julie realize her mistake and repair the damage before she loses it all? When the Bough Breaks When the Bough Breaks-UK version new kindle when the bough breaks What does it mean when you lose your only child? Are you still a mother? Can you go on with your life as if the child never existed or will you always be missing that piece, unable to love another child the way you once loved your child? This is not a hypothetical situation for Andrea Pringle. It’s her unfortunate reality and she is torn between love for her dead son and her desire to be a family. No one understands her pain and she feels that she is alone, falling When the Bough Breaks.]]>