Mississippi River Roast

Mississippi River Roast

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I swear, just when I think things are going to go back to normal around here, a monkey wrench always gets thrown into the works. Even with my new planner it’s tough to get organized enough to get a meal on the table every night. But finally we are back to school and hopefully on our way back to normal. Which means back to our USA state cuisine tour and onto our 39th state on the tour…Mississippi.

Full Disclosure…I’ve Made Mississippi River Roast Before

Okay, maybe it’s cheating a little (which is why I decided to also make the Mississippi Mud Pie to go with it), but this Mississippi River Roast is hands down my family’s favorite meal. Or at least their favorite meal that I make consistently well and don’t burn down the kitchen while cooking. And like I’ve mentioned in the past, any meal that is EASY and pretty much idiot proof is one I want to pass on to you. Pin It Now!

Sunday is FUNday…and Crockpot Day

My family usually vegs out in front of the TV and watches football all day on Sunday. Which is relaxing and all that, but for some reason football seems to make everyone hungry and someone has to provide the ravenous armchair quarterbacks with food.

That someone is 99% of the time me. I like to relax as much as they do, which is why I like this recipe. It is so simple and I don’t need to miss out on much of FUNday. (This is me trying to take a selfie with my new Sunday Funday shirt. As you can see, I’m awful at selfies.)

That’s my beloved slow cooker in the background. His name is Francois and he is the love of my life. Okay, maybe not quite, but I definitely LOVE this slow cooker. It is one of my favorite kitchen tools and it imperative to this meal…and me getting back to all the Sunday relaxing as quickly as possible.

Step One

Set up slow cooker.

Step Two

Add ingredients pictured below:
Here’s the order I usually put them in the crock pot to further assist you in this criminally easy recipe:

Meat, Ranch seasoning, Au Jus seasoning, 1/2 stick of butter, and as much Pepperocini as you can handle. You can find the Pepperocini in the aisle with olives and pickles. I am very liberal with my use of the Pepperocini (6 oz or so) and I tend to dump a lot of the juice in the crock pot.

Step Three

Set to low and go. Seriously.

Step Four

Come back in 4-5 hours and all you need to do is shred the meat with two forks. Be careful to take your Sunday Funday shirt off if you do…some of the juice splatter on the front of my shirt while I was doing this. Now my Sunday Funday shirt is a cooking shirt.
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I usually make mashed potatoes with the Mississippi River Roast because it’s great for sopping up the excess gravy but Hubby requested something different so I went with garlic “smashed” red skin potatoes.

Cut 4-5 potatoes into cubes (I did one potato per person). Throw into a large sauce pot on LOW. Add about 1/2 a stick of butter (cut into smaller slices) and garlic, salt, and pepper. Cook for about an hour (right before the meat is done), stirring occasionally and making sure the potatoes don’t stick to the bottom of the pot. They will start to get mushy and you can further mash them if you’d like.

Oh my…it’s SO good. I’m drooling just looking at it. I could eat it every week. Try it…I bet it’ll be a family favorite.
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