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Confession: We pulled Nevada way back in January. After much research on our usual state food sites, we couldn’t come up with any specific state foods. I even pleaded with the followers of my Facebook Page to help me out—find out what they eat in Nevada.

I got radio silence. Nobody had a clue. All Nevada seemed to be famous for was casinos. And as a result—buffets were their “cuisine”. What were we supposed to do for our Nevada dinner? Spread out the contents of the fridge and say “Have at it kids?” No. That wouldn’t do.

Hubs and I put our heads together and considered the many items one would typically find at a buffet and make that. Crab legs? We used them for Alaska. Sushi? No way. Pizzas? Meh. Prime rib. Who doesn’t love a nice cut of prime rib (besides vegetarians)?

I hadn’t had prime rib in ages. Hubby hadn’t had prime rib in ages. It was settled. We would have Prime Rib. That was problem #1 solved.

Problem #2 was acquiring this prime rib. Apparently, there’s a prime rib season. At least there is around here. I combed supermarket after supermarket in search of the ever elusive cut of prime rib. After about two weeks of searching, hubby suggested we wait until closer to Easter—Prime rib is a big Easter meat, I guess. So that’s what we did. Not only were we able to find a nice piece of prime rib mid-March, but there was a coupon in our supermarket’s circular as well. Score.

There’s really not too much to say about the prime rib meal. We decided on sides for the meal and made sure we had everything on hand for our feast. Everyone wanted to participate in it, so of course we had to wait for a night everyone was home.

The last snowstorm of the winter (at least we thought it was the last snowstorm of the winter), seemed like a good night for our Vegas dinner. Since it was snowing and the grill was covered with about 6 inches of that crap, hubs cooked the meat in the oven..after rubbing the meat down with some garlic rosemary oregano butter.

This was the only time we’ve used the oven since getting the Cuisinart air fryer/convection oven. It probably will be the last time as well as the prime rib was even rarer than we wanted initially:
While I do like my meat on the redder side (and prime rib is supposed to be medium rare), this was even too rare for me (the thermometer read 110 degrees and it should be 120). Hubby stuck it back in the oven while he made baked potatoes (in the air fryer) and the au jus on the stove. The finally product was delicious and well worth the two and a half month wait.

This was a fabulous sight on a cold and snowy night:
Of course, the dishes created were not a fabulous sight:

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