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If you’ve been following my blog recently, you know that our family has started a new eating challenge—meals from all 50 states. The first state was Hawaii, and in typical bad mommy style, I ruined the meal. I’m sure none of you are shocked.

Last week we pulled out North Dakota as our state. North Dakota is famous for their bison burgers. Now our kids love burgers—Bison burger, however…well, let’s just say faces were made.

“What’s a bison?” my daughter asked as I googled where I could buy bison meat—believe it or not, it wasn’t available at Shop Rite. It’s like, gourmet or something.

“Um, a really big cow,” I told her…not totally a lie.

I have to admit, I was also a little nervous about eating an animal I’d never consumed before. We get so used to beef and chicken and pork that anything else seems foreign and scary to us. But never fear, the bad mommy  mommy’s hubby, was on the job.

Okay…this one was prepared for us by my hubby.  I stepped down for this challenge since I’ve only made burgers about four times and he’s made then like skatey-eight billion times.

After my most recent cooking debacle, the children practically begged him to make the meal.  It is worth mentioning that I have rarely screwed up a burger though. I mean, I’ve only burnt them once and undercooked them twice. (So…that’s like batting .333, which anyone will tell you is pretty damn good stats.)

Yet, the fam was not willing to budge. This was HIS meal to cook and I was sent to the DL. But I DID find the bison meat, so, that counts for something right?

Anyhoo, hubby made the bison burgers and added bacon and everyone loved them and blah, blah, blah. (What a show-off he is.)

As a result, I discovered something very important. There is nothing funny about him cooking. Sure we get a good meal and all, but what fun is that? Seriously. He doesn’t burn potholders or cut open bloody meat. He doesn’t set baked potatoes on fire in the microwave or make crunchy rice. He doesn’t forget to season the meat or accidentally put the chicken in the oven with the package of giblets still inside (ONCE—you will only make that mistake ONCE).

Which means one thing—hubby cooking is not very funny and therefore, not great blog material.

On that note, I will leave you with a picture of our perfectly cooked, juicy, tasty burgers and stay tuned for the next episode of The Bad Mommy Cooks where I accidentally melt the crock pot on the stove.

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